The Core Expert Group
  • A group of about 20 experts on carbon markets, called Core Expert Group (CEG), is established. Members of the CEG include representatives of the European Commission, regulators of the other ETSs represented in the Carbon Market Policy Dialogue (CMPD) (see below) and experts from academia, international organisations, NGOs and the private sector. The CEG participates in the CMPD and advise the project team. It represents the backbone of the network of experts created under the project.
The Carbon Market Policy Dialogue
  • The Carbon Market Policy Dialogue (CMPD) is established with the aim of deepening cooperation between the European Commission and other ETS regulators. The CMPD consists of the interaction among the CEG members and their exchanges with external subjects. It culminates in three meetings which see the participation of the CEG and individuals among the targeted policymakers and relevant stakeholders. The CMDP addresses five topics highly relevant to international carbon market cooperation:
    1. Environmental ambition: scope, stringency, and policy mix
    2. Price containment: volume- and price-based mechanisms
    3. Carbon leakage prevention: free allocation and other measures
    4. Environmental integrity: use of offsets and MRV
    5. Alignment: possible reforms for integration
A comparative assessment
  • A comparative assessment of the ETSs in the CMPD, with a view to their possible integration, will be produced. The purpose of the assessment is to feed the CMPD with useful information. So, it progresses in parallel with the CMPD and cover its topics. The month before each CMPD meeting, the participants in the meeting will receive a short report for each topic that they will discuss. The assessment will draw on the existing literature, the output of technical workshops and the CEG’s feedback.
Capacity building
  • To translate into practical learning the issues discussed in the CMPD and to bring them to a wider audience of policymakers and stakeholders, two executive trainings will be organised back-to-back with the CMDP meetings. The trainings will be two-day collaborative courses combining scientific and policy expertise with hands-on learning. They will target both European and non-European policymakers and stakeholders. To make some of the trainings’ contents reach a wider audience, two webinars will be produced too.
  • The project disseminates the results of the comparative assessment and communicate the developments of the CMPD. It will also collect the views of experts on international carbon market cooperation beyond the CMPD. The dissemination means will include the reports for the CMPD, policy briefs, events, video interviews, online debates, newspaper articles, brochure and a blog. The project also spreads its contents through relevant events.