FSR Climate

FSR Climate delivers research focused on the environmental and economic evaluation of climate policies implemented in the EU and at different jurisdictional levels.

The team is responsible for managing the LIFE DICET project.

Current and past members of the team include:

  • Simone Borghesi, Director
  • Ian Devine, Project manager
  • Albert Ferrari, Research Associate
  • Jacopo Cammeo, Advisor
  • Marian Mraz, Research Associate
  • Rosa Maria Roman-Cuesta, Research Associate
  • Stefano Verde, Research Fellow and Deputy Director
  • Isabella Alloisio, Research Associate
  • Giulio Galdi, Research Associate

It is supported by a team of highly qualified external collaborators contributing to the reports included in the comparative assessment.

Visit the website of the Florence School of Regulation fsr.eui.eu/energy/climate