LIFE DICET is well-suited for its own replication or extension in integration processes involving other or further emissions trading systems (ETSs) in the world.

The conditions for an extension of LIFE DICET to other ETSs is actively sought during the course of the project. In particular, major non-EU climate policymakers and policy experts will be involved in the CMPD, in capacity building (trainings) and dissemination activities.

The replication can also be developed in other policy fields beyond carbon markets. For example, the LIFE DICET framework can be replicated to assess the state of the Energy Union Strategy. This could be done by analysing its five dimensions (namely, security, solidarity and trust; a fully integrated internal energy market; energy efficiency; decarbonising the economy; research, innovation and competitiveness) across a sample of EU countries.

LIFE DICET is also well-suited to be replicated at Member State level to support national climate policy or other important national policies. Specifically, we seek to support the replication of LIFE DICET at national level in the areas of renewable energy policy and/or energy and environmental taxation.

Podcast – Replicating the project LIFE DICET in other carbon markets: perspectives from China

The project team of LIFE DICET can be contacted, via the email address at the bottom of the page, for further information, guidance and advice about the replication of its results and methodology.