Capacity building

To translate into practical learning the issues discussed in the CMPD and to bring them to a wider audience of policymakers and stakeholders, two executive trainings will be organised after the first two CMDP meetings. The trainings will be two-day collaborative courses combining scientific and policy expertise with hands-on learning. They will target both European and non-European policymakers and stakeholders. To make some of the trainings’ contents reach a wider audience, two webinars will be produced as well.

First Online Training – Linking Emissions Trading Systems

Dates: from Monday 26 October 2020 to Friday 20 November 2020. [more info and programme]

Video lecture of the week 1: Linking Emission Trading Systems | Simone Borghesi

Video lecture of the week 2: ETS linking and the Paris Agreement | Isabella Alloisio

Video lecture of the week 3: Linking emissions trading systems with different levels of environmental ambition | Stefano Verde

Video lecture of the week 4: introduction to Price Control Mechanisms | Giulio Galdi

First Webinar – Linking Emissions Trading Systems

Date: Thursday 10 December at 12:00 CET [more info and programme]