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Emissions Trading Regulators

Relevant projects and initiatives

The International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP) is an international forum for governments and public authorities that have implemented or are planning to implement emissions trading systems (ETS). ICAP facilitates cooperation between countries, sub-national jurisdictions and supranational institutions that have established or are actively pursuing carbon markets through mandatory cap and trade systems.

The main objective of the LIFE VIIEW 2050 project, managed by KOBIZE, is the assessment of the functioning of the EU ETS, its impacts and interaction with other EU policy instruments, other international systems and its possible further development with the view of EU climate neutral economy by 2050. Stefano F. Verde, Deputy Director of FSR Climate, is a member of LIFE VIIEW 2050 advisory board.

The Harvard Project on Climate Agreements identifies and communicates scientifically sound, economically sensible, and politically pragmatic public policy options for addressing global climate change. The Harvard Project’s research focuses on policy architecture, key design elements, and institutional dimensions of international and domestic climate-change policy—and draws upon leading scholars and policy practitioners from around the world.

The overall objective of this project is to enhance cooperation between the EU and China on climate change by establishing a regular political dialogue on emission trading and continuing to support China in building a nation-wide emission trading system that contributes to reduce its emissions.

This World Bank initiative launched in 2021 aims to assist participant countries to design, pilot and implement explicit carbon pricing instruments aligned with domestic development priorities. it is replacing the Partnership for Market Readiness which ended in 2020.

Since the start of the project in 2012, this Sino-German project has been supporting the Chinese government in this endeavour through knowledge transfer and strengthening of the political leverage of key institutions and stakeholders required to develop and operate an ETS.

The main objective of the project managed by KOBIZE is to develop a sustainable and comprehensive system for creating and exchanging information and knowledge in order to support the effective and efficient implementation of the EU climate and energy policies.