Carbon markets and net-zero: trends and prospects in the domestic, international and voluntary markets

4th November 2021 @ 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm
EU Pavilion at the COP26
Carbon markets and net-zero: trends and prospects in the domestic, international and voluntary markets @ EU Pavilion at the COP26

Carbon markets are set to contribute significantly to reaching net-zero emissions (NZE) by mid-century. Exploiting their potential requires robust domestic and international policy frameworks across the compliance and voluntary space. This event discusses how existing carbon markets can help achieve NZE, including through high-quality carbon credits, the integration of carbon removals, and major carbon market integration.

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Moderator: Jane Ellis (OECD)

Opening Remarks: Dirk Weinreich (Germany)

Event will feature the following speakers and presentations:

  • Stefano de Clara (ICAP) – ICAP’s recently released a paper on Emissions Trading Systems and Net Zero: Trading Removals (May 2021) that seeks to understand the challenges that net zero emission targets could present for the operation of emissions trading systems (ETSs) and develops a series of models for the possible interactions between ETSs and removal units from negative emissions technologies (NETs).
  • Simone Borghesi & Stefano Verde (FSR Climate) – The LIFE DICET project: Deepening International Cooperation on Emissions Trading, managed by the FSR Climate (European University Institute), is approaching its final stage. The last topic of the CarbonMarket Policy Dialogue, which has brought together policymakers and stakeholders of ETSs of EU, California, China, Quebec, New Zealand and Switzerland, is on the reforms that should be undertaken to facilitate the integration of ETSs.
  • Brad Schallert (WWF) – A joint project of WWF, EDF and Öko-Insitut, the Carbon Credit Quality Initiative will assess the integrity of carbon credits and provide buyers an independent, user-friendly tool to identify high-quality carbon credits. The initiative intends to enhance the quality of carbon credits in the market and help raise climate ambition.

Concluding Remarks: Suzi Kerr, EDF

Partners: EUI, ICAP, EDF, IETA, Öko Institut, CAKE, WWF.