PODCAST – What role for international carbon markets in reaching the targets of the Paris Agreement?

An interview with Axel Michaelowa (University of Zurich)

This is a podcast of the series “Spot on Climate” of the Climate area of the Florence School of Regulation. In this podcast, Albert FERRARI interviews Axel Michaelowa. Axel Michaelowa is Head of the Group on “International Climate Policy” at the University of Zurich and one of the leading expert in the design of the market mechanisms of the Paris Agreement and the Kyoto Protocol.

Further to the previous podcast with Andrei Marcu about the state-of-play of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, this new episode explores how we can ensure international carbon markets are in line with the long-term target of the Paris Agreement.

In short, the discussion covers the three following questions.

  • What relevance will have the issue of double-counting in the upcoming talks about the Rulebook on Article 6 of the Paris Agreement?
  • How could Emissions Trading Schemes (ETS) linking contribute to the achievement of the Paris objectives?
  • how can carbon markets, especially the market-based mechanism under the Paris Agreement, fit in the Architecture established at the COP21, given the diversity of nature and targets in the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)?

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