PODCAST – What role for the EU ETS in the European Green Deal?

An interview with Milan Elkerbout (CEPS)

This new episode of the podcast series Spot on Climate centres on the reform of the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) presented in the Fit for 55 Package, aiming at “Delivering the European Green Deal”. The interview with Milan Elkerbout from CEPS, a think tank in Brussels, aims to better understand the role of the European carbon market in supporting the EU to become carbon neutral by 2050.

Until now, the EU ETS has been the cornerstone of the European climate policy, but to what extent will this persist? In July 2021, the European Commission proposed an extension of the scope and several amendments to the EU ETS functioning, along with other significant reforms such as the introduction of a border carbon adjustment.

Milan Elkerbout (CEPS) works as a Research Fellow in the Energy, Resources and Climate Change Unit. His research focuses on EU climate policy, in particular the EU ETS.

The main questions covered in the podcast are:

  • the most significant changes in the reform of the EU emissions trading system in the Fit for 55 Package;
  • the implementation of the second ETS covering the emissions associated with fuel combustion in the sectors of road transport and building;
  • the growing concern about the acceptability of carbon prices and how to tackle this issue;
  • the proposed carbon border adjustment mechanism impacts on the EU ETS and carbon market integration.

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